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On 22 December Lithuanian service workers trade union (LPSDPS) Chairman Aleksandras Posochovas spoke at the traditional LITHUANIAN RADIO broadcast "from salary to salary". Among the year 2011 main trade unions achievements he mentioned first time "all the trade unions ' cooperation case- protest campaign on December 10.

A. Posochovas in particular criticized the salary and tax policies. In his opinion, it is inconsistent in trying to overcome the "shadow" economy.


Wages "under the counter", in branch leader’s opinion is harmful not only to the country's economy and budget. "Envelopes"-"premium" to a minimum or even the smaller salary becomes employers’ instrument to fight trade unions.


According A. Posochovas sectoral collective agreements would help to ensure greater transparency in the corporate economic financial activities, because nowadays the "informal" business opportunities result the unequal conditions.


The Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) President Arturas Černiauskas by answering the question, what was the year 2011 to the trade unions didn’t give clear response.


"It's hard to say what it was. ..," said the head of the LPSK. And also added: For 2011 January 16 demonstration we did not received permission, trade unions meeting in March was not so successful, and only at the end of this year (10 December) we had a relatively large meeting.


However, according to A. Černiauskas, the demands of the trade unions remained the same throughout the year to the government, in particular the raise of minimum monthly salary, a problem that has to be done.


The official government response to prior 10 December 2011 demands raised by the trade unions was indeed bureaucratic. However the Trade Union action according to A. Černiauskas made some effect-"gave some results". The things “started to move” at the national Parliament and elsewhere.


Nevertheless, in the opinion of the trade union leader also current government attempts to correct the situation are doubtful: why, for example, they avoid the consideration of the income tax increase?

Also the chairman of LPSK particularly pointed the lack of a systematic strategy for the country's tax: "the tax system is unreliable, because it is inconsistent." This inconsistency discourages foreign investors.

It should be discussed more carefully in advance, rather than making decisions "overnight" thinking not only about "that day".


The head of LPSK acknowledged more outstanding Trade Union problems this year to and ... the defeats.


For example, the amendments to the labour code "passes" only in the direction of liberalisation of labour relations, i.e. the limitation of the rights of workers. In practice, Trade Union amendments stuck on the Government desk. According to A. Černiauskas these would provide additional opportunities for development of social dialog.


Year 2011 law enforcement in practice. AB "Švyturys" trade union strike case testified that strikes in Lithuania are"difficult to implement".


Talking about trade union activities A. Černiauskas praises activities of establishing regional centres. Mažeikiai, Radviliškis, Utena, Ukmergė and elsewhere established constructive sessions, with the active involvement of employers ' organizations.


LPSK trade unions branches according to A. Černiauskas do not conflict with the regional centres. He pointed positive trends in branches activities. The biggest achievement of this year- merging of the chemist and enegy workers branches.


Juozas Steponas


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