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In Protest Action waved flags of LPSDPS and UNI


Lithuanian Service Workers Trade Union representatives participated in protest action organized by eight trade union centers.

UNI organization, which is member of LPSDPS, also publicized the event.

Trade unions demand:

- Increase the minimum wage to 1000 LTL from 1
st of January 2012.
- Increase the basic monthly salary for the budget sector workers' and the basic amount of civil servants’ salary.
- Increase employment by creating new jobs.
- Reduce labor taxation.
- Restore state pensions for officials and soldiers, as well as compensation costs for the employees of theater and concert facilities.
- Restart payments for low-income families raising children.
- Introduce the progressive taxation system to reduce social exclusion.
- Reduce the costs for heat, electricity and the essential food products.
- Make amendments to labor legislation only after having reached the agreement with trade unions and employers organizations.
- Ratify the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 102 on minimum social protection standards.
- Ensure the freedom of association, meetings, demonstrations and other public ways to express people’s will.
- Ensure the right of workers to go on strike, to prevent the prosecution of workers' representatives.
- Ensure the real right of citizens to hold a referendum.

More about the event at website lprofsajungos.lt  

Also, a day before the meeting trade unions received response to the demands from prime minister’s office.

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