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Lithuanians confronted with lies in practice on a daily basis. Before the election the majority was eager for voters, now the Government falsify the official economic statistics that trick people that they work successfully and life is improving in Lithuania, thus attempting to persuade them to vote for the governing parties.

Before the elections to the Vilnius City municipality materials were distributed of agitation nature as journal (blue book) where promises of all parties were listed that we will live beautifully and bright, if those will be elected to the city's power. There was a promise of Arturas Zuokas that Vilnius residents in the year 2020 will receive on the average 6400 LTL per month. What is the real situation at present?


Since I am UAB Vilnius public transport Trade Union chairwoman, for me very important are our company's employees. The city hosts decided to unite bus and trolley bus parks. "For the sake of saving",-said the Mayor Artūras Zuokas. Instead of promised wages at this time some of the company's workers were threatened with dismissal. Before the adoption of the decision we (i.e. the former UAB "Vilnius trolleybuses New Trade Union) discussed with the Municipal Council members, believing the importance of our arguments that such merger is useless to our company.


Regardless of the information submitted to us, that UAB „ Vilnius trolleybuses” has lower debts (-7,7 million. Lt-2010), than the UAB “Vilnius buses" (-13.6 million. Lt-2010), and the other arguments, the decision on the bus and trolley bus parks merger was adopted in the absence of any counter-arguments.


What was done by the City Government, in proposing us to save?

2010 July 15th has been implemented the new passengers boarding procedure – boarding through the front door. Tthe new arrangements have been ordered for reconstruction of drivers ' cabs. It has costed the company about 250 thousand Litas. What type of savings Municipal Council members thought by starting with this experiment?


UAB "Vilniaus trolleybus drivers ' in refurbished cabs worked for one year, in worse working conditions. For the extra work, drivers received no additional dime. Who saved? At the expense of employees, at the expense of their health, in violation of the labour code, article 186 of the labour hygiene norms. After one year, it appeared that the experiment (if harassment of passengers and drivers can be so called) proved to be unfounded.


Experiment 2 – the merger of trolleybus and bus parks. Debts added. Company that saved became a fool. To disrupt ecological transport is difficult when it is managed by a separate company of Vilnius trolleybus. The merger of the two companies makes it easier to destroy than to create.

Plan to introduce trams. The idea is good, but who will use it? It is clear that the project will be associated with the money. The Europeans, apparently unaware that in Lithuania as in the Bermuda triangle the money has the magic ability to disappear, just after the beginning of the implementation of the project. I doubt about tram. 



Trolleybuses: environmentally friendly, safe and convenient

Trolley bus traffic in the city of Vilnius runs more than half a century, and this year celebrated 55 years anniversary. After merger it is planned to cut routes with about 95 workplaces.


In the difficult economic situation in Lithuania, it is logical to keep the transport that you have, rather than create doubtful projects through the use of European funds and getting into debt, which may turn out to be a disproportionate burden on our children and grandchildren.


Alina Ryžinskaja


P.S. up-to-date information to the Trade Union from UAB "Vilniaus public transport “ by the Director General Nakutis: Vilnius municipality indebtedness to the company ("Vilnius public transport") is increasing and it is estimated that as of 1 December amounted to 73,3 million. Lt, and compensation for the reduced price tickets being covered at around 39% of the funds required.

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