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On April 5 in the Ministry of Culture Working Group “On cultural and arts employees wages increase program for the years 2009-2013” met.

The meeting was attended by Culture, Social Security and Labour ministries representatives, the trade unions represented by the Lithuanian Labour Federation, Trade Unions 'Sandrauga”, United Trade Union, the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Aleksandra Leparskienė - the trade union representative of the Lithuanian Trade Union Federation of Culture and the Lithuanian Service Workers Trade Union chairman Aleksandras Posochovas.

Ministries representatives advised that the wages increase this year for the budgetary institutions are not foreseen. For budgetary employees institutions the law amendments prepared, which this year's fourth quarter will be submitted to the Seimas. The law will describe five categories of workers, the wages will be paid accordingly. This law will affect and cultural workers. It will focus on the quality of work, employees training, targeted education, work experience. The social partners are invited to submit proposals and participate in the discussion on this law.

A. Leparskienė proposed to extend the working group range with different cultural associations, local government association representatives. In addition, she requested that in the next meeting the Minister of Culture would present Lithuania's cultural development strategy.

A. Posochovas said that already at the beginning of the working group proposed to link the salary of cultural workers with the significance of cultural institutions. For example, earnings should be lower in the local, and bigger - at the National Library, so that remain the librarian’s interest in pursuing a career.

Secondly, according to A. Posochovas wage payment system must be arranged so that should be minimized the impact on workers' wages by institutions leaders. In particular, principle of subjectivity exists ("love- don’t love," "relative”, “friend," and etc.), currently observed in some municipalities, Vilnius region Adomas Mickevicius Library, the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, etc. In addition, it should be taken into account different living standards in regions, as it is in most EU countries. Priority in the system should have specially educated workers, for example: librarian education in the library should take precedence over science education. Service workers trade union leader also suggested the way how slightly to increase wages for cultural employees using money sparred for employees of closed cultural institutions. He was supported by Opera and Ballet Theatre trade union representative or other unions’ members.

Other trade union members talked about the common challenges, dependance of cultural institutions financing from the will of municipal leaders. Representatives of the Labour Federation gave an example that of song and dance groups or Republican Song Festival participants more than half of year working completely without funding, only at the enthusiasm of our leaders. It was noted that without addressing the problems the workers will be forced to go to the streets in protest.

It was decided that the Minister of Culture, municipal, cultural and art associations representatives will be invited to the next meeting where Culture, Social Security and Labour and the Ministry of Finance will comment on the budgetary institutions wages system project draft and submit proposals how to improve the situation of cultural workers.

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